BlueBills: money for a clean world

The financial crisis continues to unfold around the world. It seems the economy leans against the people. Big banks and other super-rich players are able to seize pension plans, retirement accounts, homes and savings belonging to we, the people, all with near total impunity.In the face of such enormous global forces what one person can do?

One day a little old lady in our neighborhood showed us how, with a very simple process: by dying her money blue. That alone is one act that could transform our whole economy to protect people and nature from exploitation. Here’s how it works…

Making commerce more honest, one bill at a time!

BlueBills is not about finance, it’s about democracy!

What:  BlueBills are just as legitimate as regular bills, but rarer. They are real money tinged blue with dye. They are an effective way for one person to help change the monetary system around them from an immoral profits-at-any-cost system to one that supports health in both nature and community.

Why: Ours is a nation by and for the people. Just because we feel powerless in the face of crime, job losses, home foreclosures, vanishing retirements, etc. doesn’t change the fact that ultimate power rests with us individual citizens. It is time we use it!

How: Give or spend your BlueBills just like regular bills. By declaring that their value rests in the wealth of clean nature and a healthy community, you share the value of health with another, who passes it on; a tiny change compared to the size of the economy, but it’s real change that you can do yourself today, tomorrow and always, growing in effect… Or you can whine that you are powerless.

BlueBills represent a very simple, non-confrontive way for individuals to change one of the most frustrating problems of civilization: the degrading effect on nature and community of economic activity pursuing profits at any cost. 

Are you sure BlueBills are legal?
Yes. Banks are using them. U.S. currency is protected from defacement, but that means rendering any bill unfit to be circulated as money. (Here are the legal details from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.) Mostly our gut feeling that this is not OK comes from an ungrounded fear that government authorities tells us what our money means and how we are to live. NO, it is the other way around!

If you are skeptical after reading this we suggest you not use BlueBills yet. Their power only is unleashed when people are convinced that they are in control of their own lives.  If that’s not you at this point, that’s OK. Just give your bill away –you can’t spend it if you don’t believe in its value– and come back later. BlueBills will still be here.

   The more you learn about BlueBills the more beautiful they become!