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We encourage you to Dye your own BlueBills with the instructions we provide. It's about as hard as making breakfast.

BlueBills stems from a firm belief in the supremacy of the citizen as preeminent authority. Each of us is a citizen of both a nation and the planet.

Custom Orders

If you are unable to dye your own however, we're willing to provide BlueBills by custom order from us. We discourage it only because we refuse to be paid for it.

But if you insist, we will fill custom orders as we can. We charge face value + 25¢ per bill (hiring labor) + postage (registered mail, US addresses only).

Please contact us to request your custom order stating how many bills you want of which denominations.

Your payment must clear before we will process an order, no exceptions. BlueBills are supposed to be generated as gifts, but that's in person.

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BlueBills was launched by artist/activist Tim Holmes who believes creativity is the essence of the human spirit.

The original idea is credited to his elderly neighbor Mabel, who appreciates thanks but wishes to remain otherwise undisturbed.

Tim Holmes works toward an increasingly responsive, inclusive and sustainable culture. As globalization flattens peoples into capitalist monoculture he hopes to use art to celebrate historical cultural differences and imagine how we can co-create a rich future together.

Holmes creates art, films and workshops for engaging communities directly through cultural transformation.