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"... some very clever individuals have figured out that if they lend money to others and charge them interest, they can live well off the interest without having to do anything else. Of course, it doesn't serve their interests to enable the borrowers to pay off their debt and then thrive so they never need to borrow money again, so they make every effort to ensure the borrowers remain shackled to their debts for as long as they live. They want borrowers to earn enough to pay their debts and interest, but no so much that they can actually live debt-free. In this way, the lenders become the most successful people in the world - financially at least - and the most powerful as well. 

This tells us the system is outmoded, and needs revamping, because the conditions under which it once worked have changed."

-Eileen Workman

"Hopefully our kids' imaginations are not as calcified as are their parents'!"

Can you imagine walking away from a stack of money in a crowded market? We did an experiment in theft-resistance of BlueBills, leaving $500 unattended ($100 on a table, another $400 in plain view) for about 7 minutes during the crowded Fair Trade Market in Helena, MT on Nov. 23, 2014. It's hard to be exactly sure why this unattended money was safe, but if you believe that never would have happened with regular bills, that indicates BlueBills tend to be theft-proof!

"Yes, I got one from my bank recently. I'd never seen one so I asked them what it was and the teller told me all about it." This comment was from a restaurant clerk, but this happens regularly. BlueBills doesn't scare the bank. Nor even large retail outlets, where you'd think they would object.

Nevertheless after 3 months and nearly $1000 in BlueBills circulated (that we know of) and circulation around the nation, I got our first rejection and from a long-time friend of mine! I thought her arguments would be interesting to post.

Basically she was skeptical about the whole concept, saying that a) BlueBills can be used for ill, it makes no difference what color money is, b) people won't accept them (despite the 100% record so far), c) it won't change anything and d) that people would still pass them on regardless of their own disbelief.

So I tried to call her bluff. Sitting in front of an ice cream shop, I asked if she would prove me wrong. I wanted her to buy a cone with my BlueBills despite the fact that she didn't believe in them. Unfortunately she refused the invitation. I would have loved to see her argue for something she didn't believe in. This seemed the perfect proof of my argument, but of course it was lost on her. Well, at least she gets to go down in history as the first!