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Banks have been circulating BlueBills since the inception of the project, though many banks are leary of BlueBills before they do the research.

Nevertheless after 2 years and nearly $1400 in BlueBills circulated (that we know of) and circulation around the nation, we got the first BlueBill rejection we've heard of, and from a long-time friend! Her arguments would be interesting enough to others to post here.

It was Aug. of 2014. When offered a free BlueBill and hearing the explanation, she said she was skeptical about the whole concept, saying that she believed that, a) it makes no difference what color money is, BlueBills could be used for ill; b) people won't accept them (despite the 100% record so far); c) it won't change anything; and d) that people would still pass them on regardless of their own disbelief. So we tried to call her bluff. Standing in front of an ice cream shop, we asked if she would prove us wrong by buying a cone with our BlueBills, despite the fact that she didn't believe in them. Unfortunately she refused the invitation. This seemed the perfect proof of our argument, but of course it was lost on her.

Well, at least she gets to go down in history as the first!

Victoria wants the Euro to be bluer than it is.
Conversing with Victoria in Portugal who is thinking about doing this idea with Euros, a tougher nut to crack since the Euros are colored for different denominations. 

Most world currency is actually multi-colored, a trend the US is reluctantly picking up as well. We are discussing possibilities that would work for a local currency but would constitute a sign across borders, since the BlueBills concept is one that citizens around the world can embrace and participate in with equal cause. 

Some ideas: 
  • Somehow making each denominational color a "day glow" hue--like those text highlighters.
  • Dye only one end of a bill, or a strip along the bottom, or some way of leaving most of the bill unaffected, but carrying the signal.
  • Use a shade of blue that responds to a particular currency design to still honor the original color but with added blue. (Has the advantage of "plausible deniability"– something we Americans have learned well from our government in recent years– where if a Blue Biller in a repressive nation were caught they could claim innocence: they "washed their bills in their new blue jeans.")
Garret Garrels held up a BlueBill on Wall St. for a photo to send us.

Here you can see him holding one up before the doors of the New York Stock Exchange moments before the cop (in the background grabbing his gun) riddled him with bullets for trying to take back the economy from the Wall St. raiders.

OK, just kidding about the bullets part but the rest is true!

Thanks, Garret!

David Barsamian of Alternative Radio, with Washington, Franklin and Tim Holmes.
We met with the founder and host of Alternative Radio recently about the BlueBills project. David is a real hero working tirelessly for the health of both journalism and democracy.

With millions of listeners in the US, Canada and Europe, David interviews movers and shakers from around the world who are trying to create a better world. You can hear him on your local NPR station or through
International speaker and fitness guru Garret Garrels bucks the Blues in a new way.